1969-73 Brake Booster Hose Spring Clamp | ORIGINAL

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Description: Production Original Booster Hose Spring Clamp
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar, Torino, Ford, Mercury
Model Options: Power Brakes*
Engine: All
Hardware #: 382984
Finish: Semi-flat black paint
Quantity: 1

Accuracy Rating: Original production clamp (restored)

Jack's Comments:

This is an original take-off brake booster clamp thats been restored. Original 1969-73 brake booster spring clamps had longer tabs with squared off ends (knuckle busters). Reproductions have much shorter rounded tab ends.

See quantities needed for your car below.

1969 Mustang/Cougar/Torino (2 required)
1969-70 BOSS 429 (2 required)
1969-70 Shelby (2 required)
1970 Mustang/Cougar/Torino without power brakes (2 required)*
1970 Mustang/Cougar/Torino with power brakes (4 required)
1971-73 Mustang/Cougar/Torino (2 required)

*Weird Factoid:
1970 cars without power brakes still used two of these clamps on a vacuum hose that connected the intake manifold vacuum port to the plastic vacuum tree on the firewall. This is true even if nothing was connected to firewall vacuum tree.

Source Notes:
Local California antique car salvage yards.

Concours Notes:
Semi-flat black paint is the correct finish for this clamp.

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