1970 Disc Brake Spindle Green Tape

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Description: Disc Brake Spindle Green Tape
Model: Mustang, Cougar
Model Options: All with disc brakes

Assembly Plant: San Jose, Dearborn, Metuchen
Quantity: one 1/2" x 20" length

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

We have almost always found a little piece of this green fabric reinforced tape wrapped around each spindle of low mileage survivor Mustangs with disc brakes but never knew why. Still don't know why, but we suspect it indicated a manufacturing process or inspection was completed. We have seen it on so many survivor cars now we are pretty sure it was on all disc brake spindles from the factory. 

You get one 20" length of the tape that's plenty long to do two spindles. We have pictures below you can use as reference.

Q: Have you seen this tape on a 1968 or 1969 Mustang/Shelby with disc brakes?
A: It may have come on 1969 spindles but we have never seen an original example. I took pictures many low mileage 1969 survivor Mustangs including the 700 mile BOSS 429 Ed Meyer was working on and it didn't have the green tape on either spindle. I'm not saying they didn't come with green tape. It's just that I never seen any on a 69. Please send me pictures if anybody finds this tape on their 1969 Mustang/Cougar/Shelby and I will update the website.

UPDATE: Armond D'Agostini reported he has seen this green tape on a customers 1968 Mustang and on a 1969 disc brake coupe he once owned.
UPDATE: Ed Meyer says he has only seen this green tape on 1970 Mustang disc brake spindles.

Q: Is the tape green duct tape or gaffers tape?
A: It's similar but no

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