1970 Power Steering Hose Alignment Bracket

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Description: Power Steering Hose Alignment Bracket
Model: Mustang, Cougar
Model Options: Power steering
Engine: All
Quantity: 1
1970 Assembly Manual Page: N/A

Accuracy Rating: 9
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

Ford discovered they had two problems with the power steering hose retaining bracket/insulator assembly in 1969 so they fixed them in 1970. The first problem they had to fix is the pressure hose would droop down right after it exited the front side of the rubber insulator. When the hose hung to low it not only looked bad it also was a safety issue. The other problem was the hose would spin thus making it difficult to keep it from rubbing on something and causing the hose to fail. With this simple bracket Ford engineers fixed both problems.

We ended up making this bracket out of stainless steel so it will always look great but still maintain the look of the original bare cold rolled steel finish. This choice dropped my accuracy rating but I thought it was a good compromise since its not noticeable when installed.

Made in USA by Dead Nuts On.


Related Concours Notes:
Ford engineers also added a barb to the bracket that holds the insulator in 1970. This little barb was very effective to keep the insulator positioned properly.
The strap bracket that held the rubber insulator was bare steel and the bracket it bolted to was semi-gloss black with a phosphate bolt.

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