1970 Tire Pressure Decal | MID-YEAR

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Description: Tire Pressure Decal
 MID-YEAR 1970
Model: Mustang
Engine: 200, 250, 302, BOSS 302, 351, 428 CJ, 428 SCJ
Factory: Dearborn, Metuchen, San Jose
Engineering #: D0ZB-1532-F
Estimated Date Range: September 1969 - March 1970 +/- 1 month
Quantity: 1 decal
Date Code: None
Decal Location: Passenger door Jam (see pictures)

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is the tire size and pressure information decal that was installed just above the latch mechanism on the passenger door jam. This was the second version of this decal to be installed on 1970 Mustangs. This revised second version no longer listed the GT option.

What tire pressure decal version should I choose?
This decal is listed as the mid-production decal so we are only estimating it started to show up once the first version of the decals were all used sometime in September 1969 (best guess). This is only an estimated guess by me at this point since there is no Ford documentation noting the change over dates. We would like to have a solid change over date but at this time we don't have much data. The best way to know your car came with decal is if you still had the original tag on your door. If you don't have your original decal I would only choose this decal if your car was built sometime during the middle of production outlined above.

Documented Mustangs with this version:
10/17/69 Dearborn built Mustang convertible (see pictures)

Help Request:
If your car has its original tire pressure decal and it matches this decal please send us an email with your cars production date, factory and pictures if possible. We will post this information on the website to help other owners without original decals.

Concours Notes:
Most likely other versions of this decal were made and used during 1970 production besides the early, middle and late production versions we offer. Unfortunately these are the only three decals made at this time.


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