28 Spline 1330 Slip Yoke: 1967-1972 Ford Service

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Year: 1967-1972
Type: Ford Service (late version)
Model: Mustang & Shelby
Condition: Used/Refurbished
U-Joint Size: 1330 Series (3.625 inches wide)
U-joint Cup Diameter: 1.0625"

Concours Correct Applications:

  • 1970 Boss 302
  • 1971 Boss 351
  • 1972 351CJ 4-speed

Service Applications:

  • 1967 289 HiPo 4-speed
  • 1967-1969 390 3/4-speed
  • 1967-1968 GT350 4-speed
  • 1968 302 GT 4-speed, AT (tube in tube driveshaft)
  • 1969 Boss 302

General Applications:

  • Top loader with 28 spline output shaft

Jack's Comments:

Ford started to use this shorter barrel transmission slip yoke in production passenger cars at the beginning of 1973 production and to service all previous versions (1967-72). When installed it looks just like the 1970-72 version so we recommend it for 1970-72 concours correct driveshaft restorations. Its also a very good, but not technically correct option for 1967-69 driveshaft restorations.

Common Questions:
Q: This version has a shorter barrel, is the spline length different?
A: No, the spline engagement length is exactly the same as the earlier versions.

Q: Will the tail-shaft bushing still be engaged even though the barrel is shorter?
A: Yes, it just long enough to fully engage the bushing.

Q: Why is this slip yoke not technically correct looking for my 1967-69 driveshaft?
A: The 1967-69 slip yokes were cast and machined different between the u-joint shoulders. Click here to see the 1967-69 version.

Refurbishing Details:

  • Cleaned
  • Checked for any cup damage
  • Checked for excessive wear or rust pits on main shaft that could interfere with a proper seal
  • Flat outside u-joint cup areas are lightly machined for a NOS look
  • Concours correct paint code
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