428 CJ Heater Hose Connection Tubes

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Description: Heater Hose Connection Tubes
Model: Mustang
Model Options: All
Engine: 428 CJ, 428 SCJ
Engineering #: D0ZA-18C553-B
Finish: Zinc
Quantity: 1
Date Code: None

Accuracy Rating: 7.5
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

These reproduction heater hose tubes are very accurate reproduction in every way, except for the way the mounting bracket is attached. The mounting bracket on originals are spot-welded to the tubes, not welded. Originals had a set of small spot-weld dimples on the bottom of the bracket. Good news is once installed, most people can only tell if they are reproductions by feeling for the welds since you can’t really see them. These are the best available heater hose tubes available on the market.

Heater Hose Connections:
TO HEATER CORE: The heater hose intake elbow fitting connects to the top connection tube and the top heater core nipple.
FROM HEATER CORE: Hose from the lower heater core nipple connects to the lower connection tube and then to the water pump fitting.
* See assembly manuals for more information

Torque hose clamps 12-20 inch pounds

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