Front Parking Light Lens Gasket Set

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Description: Front Parking Light Lens Gasket Set 
Model: Mustang
Model Options: All

Ford Part #: C9ZZ-13211-A
Date Range: All
Quantity: 1 set

Accuracy Rating: 10
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

The current less expensive version of this gasket on the market has two major issues.  It's not the right color and it fits poorly so its pretty easy to notice.  This version is dead nuts on.  If your into getting this level of detail right this gasket set is right for you.  This is a list of why this gasket is so correct:

Exact same closed cell gray neoprene rubber material originally specified by Ford
Gasket actually fits the lamp housing properly!
Mounting holes are the right size, in the right location
The gaskets are die cut from custom-made 0.14" thick material, again matching the original Ford specifications

Manufacture Comments:
Compare our gasket to the others on the market and you'll see immediately why this is simply the best reproduction available today. Ours is a more accurate reproduction in every way

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