Radiator Core Support Seal Clip

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Description: Radiator Core Support Seal Clip
Model: Mustang, Cougar, Ford, Mercury
Factory: San Jose, Metuchen, Dearborn (see notes below)

Finish: Black phosphate
Quantity: 1

Accuracy Rating: 9
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This is a reproduction of the clip that holds the 1969-70 Mustang and Cougar radiator support to hood rubber seal in place. It was also used for other documented applications below. 

There are variations of this clip. This is one of the more common variations. It may not match the clips that came on your car exactly.

Larger barbed side should be installed down.

Concours Notes:
Correct finish is semi-gloss black

Clips or staple?
San Jose and Metuchen build cars are known to use this clip but the Dearborn factory was known to use a large stapler to attach the hood seal. If your Dearborn car car has many pairs of small holes across the top of the radiator support your car had staples for sure. We have also seen some Dearborn cars with this clip. Some suspect the Dearborn factory only used clips as plan B if the stapler was not working. Judges are going to look for staples on Dearborn cars as the default but if your cars original radiator support didn't have the staples or the witness holes in the upper radiator support there is a good chance your hood seal was held in place with this type of clip. 

Radiator to hood rubber seal applications:
1969-70 Mustang, Cougar (San Jose and Metuchen Factory)
3-5 required

Radiator air deflector plastic seal Applications:
1970 Galaxie & full-size Fords
1972 Mustang All
1973 Mustang 351-2V with automatic transmission
1970–71 Torino All
1970–71 Ranchero All
1971–73 Cougar All
1970 full-size Mercury All
1970–71 Montego All
*This is the less common version of this clip used to hold the air deflector in place
4 required

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