1965-67 289, 289 HiPo Water Pump Rebuild Service & Return Shipping

7-10 business day turnaround
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Year: 1965-67
Model: Ford/Mercury
Engine: 289, 289 HiPo 
Housing: Cast Iron
Casting #: C5AE-C, C5AE-D, C5OE-B, C6OE-A

Warranty: 1-year
Turn around Time: 7-10 business days
Shipping Information: Return shipping included*

Jack's Comments:

Our water pump rebuild service includes new bearing, seal (new double seal version), and replacement of heater hose tubes. We start with disassembly and inspecting the pumps condition. The bare housing is then hot tanked and sand blasted to remove all paint and rust. We paint the housing with gray or black primer then we install the bearing, seal and heater hose tubes. We then carefully package your water pump and ship it back to you via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail for international customers.

HiPo Impellers: Exact reproductions of the early 289 HiPo water pump impellers are not available. We do make the later D0ZE-8512-A impeller originally designed for the 1970 BOSS 302 water pumps. The BOSS impeller is a direct replacement for the early HiPo impellers and it has a much improved impeller design for high RPMs. We have been installing them for years in early small block pumps and they have proven to fit and perform perfectly. If you would like us to install our a BOSS 302 impeller in your early water pump add one to your shopping cart and we will install it when we rebuild your pump.

Special Requests: If you have any special instructions like "Rebuild my pump and don't remove the existing paint finish".  Just type your request in the special instructions box above the big Add To Cart button.

Thin Bearing Hub Warning: This water pump design can have a very thin bearing hub depending on how it was cast and or machined. If the bearing is frozen, rusted internally or the hub casting is thin your housing could crack. We are not responsible to replace your pump housing if it cracks when the bearing is remove. Good news is the odds are in your favor in our experience. We estimate less than 5% of the pumps we've restored cracked when the bearing was removed. Scroll down to the to see a cracked C6OE-A pump. We suspect the unusually thin hub housing and a the frozen rusted bearing was the issue.
UPDATE: We made custom tooling just to remove the bearing from this pump. We have rebuilt 20+ water pumps with the new tooling and all of them have survived. We can't say your pump will come apart without cracking the hub but your odds are much improved.

Cast Iron Impeller Warning: If your pump has its original cast iron impeller we can usually reuse it but may not survive the restoration process. Depending on how well its rusted it is to the bearing shaft it may crack when it's removed. We are not responsible if cast iron impeller cracks when the bearing is remove. If it does crack we will replace it with a stamped steel impeller for no extra charge or we can install the BOSS 302 impeller at extra cost.

Ready for us to rebuild your water pump?  Follow these steps:

Step 1: Complete the purchase of your rebuild service online.  (You can also call or email us to place your order)

Step 2: Ship your water pump to the address below. Make sure to include your contact information or print your paid online order invoice.
  Dead Nuts On

  Rebuild Service
  1033 N Fulton St
  Fresno, CA 93728

Tip: USPS Bulk Rate boxes are not very strong.  We recommend reinforcing the USPS box and insure the pump for what you think its replacement value is.

Step 3: When your water pump arrives we will inspect it and contact you to let you know we have your pump and if there is any condition issues.

Step 4: We rebuild your water pump and ship it via UPS Ground to the address you specified.  We will email you a UPS or USPS tracking number the same day its shipped.

Step 5: Install your water pump and enjoy your car
*Return shipping included in the price for lower 48 United States only. Contact us if you are outside the USA for a return shipping quote.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Do I get my the same water pump I send you back?
A: Yes, we track the pump you send us all the way through the rebuilding process so we can guarantee you will get your pump back.
Q: What should I insure the pump for when I'm sending it to you?
A: You should insure it for the what you think the pump would cost to replace.  If you need help with this email us.
Q: Will you replace the heater hose tubes?
A: Yes, unless the ones you have on the pump are perfect or you instruct us not to replace them.
Q: Will the fan hub be replaced as part of the rebuild service?
A: Yes, but only if its bad since new hubs are a slightly different from originals.
Q: My pump has a backing plate.  Will your replace it if its rusted out.
A: We will contact you if we think your backing plate is no longer serviceable.  We have new replacement backing plates starting at $14.00. We also have the special bolts for the backing plate available.

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