1969-70 428 SCJ Automatic Reproduction Driveshaft

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Description: 428 Super Cobra Jet Automatic Reproduction Driveshaft

Year: 1969-70
Model: Mustang & Shelby GT500
Engine: 428 CJ
Transmission Type: C6 Automatic w/cast iron tailshaft
Factory: Dearborn, San Jose, Matuchen
Warranty: 1-year limited 
Build time: Please allow 7-10 days

Approved for MCA Judged Classes: Concours Driven

Jack's Comments:

Because not everyone is building a trailered concours show car, we offer this affordable complete driveshaft built with 100% American OE supplied components to fit, perform and look like your original factory installed driveshaft.

Experience + Knowledge = Dead Nuts On Driveshafts
We have built 1000+ concours correct Ford driveshafts for collectors since 2005. During that time we have amassed a library of original survivor driveshafts, original Ford driveshaft engineering drawings and documentation to reference. We've collaborated with Bob Perkins, Ed Meyer and many other top MCA/SAAC judges who have kindly shared their experience to help us continuously improve the accuracy of our driveshafts.

Reproduction Driveshaft Features:

  • Sized to factory specified length for your application
  • High speed balanced with factory rectangular spot welded balance weights
  • New electro resistance welded blue seam driveshaft tube from OEM supplier  *see notes below
  • Reproduction transmission slip yoke with correct color paint code
  • Reproduction weld yokes with correct color paint codes
  • Reproduction factory zerkless u-joints or OE grease-able u-joints (select before adding to cart)
  • Unique 428 SCJ automatic build sheet paint code stripes sloppily applied like the factory did in the same colors, locations and widths using our survivor driveshafts as a guide
  • Rust protection oil applied and wrapped in special anti-corrosion paper
  • Safely shipped via UPS back to your garage in our proven packaging system
  • 1-year limited warranty

* Production Super Cobra Jet automatic driveshafts are exactly the same as the standard Cobra Jet driveshafts except they came with a 3.5" > 3" tapered tube for added durability. Tapered tubes are no longer available so we build our 428 AT Super Cobra Jet driveshafts with thicker walled 3 inch tubing. This increase in wall thickness has proven to give the driveshaft the same durability as the thinner 3.5" tapered tube. The correct 3.5" tapered tubed build sheet paint codes will be applied.

Who do we built our concours reproduction driveshafts for?

  • For owners who want a driveshaft that's built with all new components to perform perfectly but is concours detailed to the same standards as our top-level concours driveshafts
  • For owners that want a driveshaft that looks like the factory installed driveshaft but won't be entering their car in a concours car show where the underneath of the car will be judged for 100% factory original components


Whats different about our reproduction driveshafts and our concours restorations we build for Bob Perkins?

  • Tube yokes have a slightly different shape vs originals and don't have a small Ford logo or engineering numbers cast in them
  • Slip yoke is forged with a slightly different shape when compared to originals
  • Our reproduction zerkless U-joints look exactly the same as production originals but they don't have a tiny faint Ford logo cast in them
  • Thicker 3 inch tubing is used instead of the 3.5 inch tapered tubing the factory used. Why? 3.5" > 3" tapered tubing is not available anymore


Who shouldn't you buy our concours reproduction driveshaft?

  • You are entering your car in a MCA concours trailered class and you are looking to minimize point deductions. The concours trailered car show class have judges looking for factory original Ford tube yokes and slip yokes. 
  • If you want your original driveshaft restored to the very highest concours standard and you have the budget for it we suggest taking a look at our concours driveshaft restoration service


Common questions:

Q: I've modified my engine and it's now producing a little more than 500 HP. Will your driveshaft hold up to this extra power?
A: All our driveshafts now come with .083" driveshaft tubing vs the factory .065" thick tubing. This little extra thickness only adds a small amount of weight but adds a lot of strength. Tire stickiness and high rear axle gear ratios are what make driveshafts fail. Most street-driven Cobra Jet Mustangs have stock bias ply tires or street radials that will never get enough traction to put any significant load on the driveshaft. Our conservative rule of thumb is this: If your engine is producing over 600 HP at the crank or your running drag slicks of any type this driveshaft may not be for you. Contact us if you have any questions.

Q: Are your driveshafts high-speed balanced?
A: Yes, they are high speed balanced with the latest equipment available. We guarantee our driveshafts will perform vibration free or your money back.

Q: How do you protect against rust?
A: Rust can be an issue depending on your climate and on how you use your car. There are only a few options, rust prevention oils, clear coat paints or some of the new specialty products. Click here to see more info on all the options.

Q: I drive my car less than 1000 miles a year. What U-Joint should I choose?
A: We would suggest our reproduction factory zerkless u-joints because they look and perform like the factory originals. They won't need to be serviced for 10+ years even if you average 1000 miles per year. If you plan to put some serious miles on your car, never have the underside judged and want to easily grease your u-joints we would suggest the service u-joints.

Q: I don't have the factory original rear axle pinion yoke in my car. Will your driveshaft fit properly?
A: Yes if your pinion yoke has the same specifications as the factory pinion yoke. Click here for a picture of an original pinion yoke with measurements so you can verify yours is an original. Contact our friends at 8 & 9 Ford Rears if you need a factory pinion yoke or services. Don't have a pinion yoke with stock specifications? No problem, we'll build you a custom driveshaft.

Q: My car doesn't have its original 9" third member or rear axle, will this driveshaft work for me?
A: Maybe, depending on what was changed. Take a look at these websites to help verify your 9" third member or rear axle is factory original. Metal ID Tag Codes website and the 3rd member axle ID website. If you have your factory rear end or it has the same specifications as an original our driveshaft will fit and function perfectly. If you need help sourcing the factory correct components contact our friends at Ford 8 & 9"Rears for original, aftermarket parts and restoration services. If you elect to keep your rear axle setup even though it's not factory correct or doesn't have the same stock component specifications we can build you a custom driveshaft that looks like a original.

Q: The transmission slip yoke you show is shorter than my original slip yoke, why?
A: Yes, the new OE supplied service slip yoke has a shorter barrel length compared to the production slip yokes. The spline length stayed exactly the same (5") as the factory original slip yoke so the shorter service slip yoke will fit and perform just like production originals, guaranteed.

Q: Still have questions?
A:  Contact us and we'll answer them all.


  • Transmission slip yoke splines: 31
  • Transmission slip yoke u-joint: 1330 series 3 5/8" outside width & 1 1/16" caps
  • Rear tube yoke u-joint: 1330 series 3 5/8" outside width , 1 1/16" cap diameter at tube yoke & 1 1/8" at pinion yoke
  • Tube yokes: 1330 series 3"
  • Tubing:  3" blue seamed (ERW) .083" wall thickness (stronger than stock .065")
  • Sound dampening cardboard liner: None (optional)
  • Shipping weight: 22 LB (10 kg)
  • Shipping dimensions: 56" x 6" x 6" (142cm x 15cm x 15cm)
Note: This driveshaft is an exact replacement for your stock driveshaft. It will only fit and perform with factory original drivetrain components. 
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