1969-72 Mustang/Shelby Master Cylinder with Cap

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Description: Disc Brake Master Cylinder
Model: Mustang, Shelby, Cougar (except BOSS 429)
Model Options: Disc brakes
Engine: All (except BOSS 429)
Transmission Type: All
Factory: San Jose, Dearborn, Metuchen
Piston Bore: 1 inch
Date Range: All
Quantity: 1 master cylinder, 1 cap
Bendix Casting #: 2227161
Bore Diameter: 1 inch  
Front Port Size: 1/2-20 
Rear Port Size: 3/8-24

Accuracy Rating: 8
Best Repro Available: YES

Jack's Comments:

This new reproduction master cylinder and cap that we painted correctly including the white paint dob is very close to the originals.  It has the dimple close to the front brake line port, domed hex head stop bolt and has a ESA-M6C25-A spec cap that is exactly like the originals.  This is a great option for anyone who wants a production looking disc brake master cylinder but doesn't want to shell out $600+ for a rebuilt original production master cylinder. 

We also offer the concours correct special red finish locking flange nuts to secure the master cylinder to the brake booster.

Concours Questions:
Q. Whats not correct about this master cylinder and cap?
A. The cap is very accurate and would pass for concours trailered judging. It's not an exact reproduction since it doesn't have the Bendix logo cast on the bottom, part number and date codes on port side of master cylinder. The last thing is the caps rubber seal has round tabs not rectangular tabs.

Q. Why was the areas around the brake line ports not painted?
A. When the master cylinder was painted it had plugs in the ports to keep them clean before installation. When the master cylinder was painted it still had the plugs in place so they are bare steel. If you take a look at the low mileage example in our Factoid section you will see this same bare steel area around the ports that rusted differently from the rest of the master cylinder.

Q. Did some very early production cars have this cap on the master cylinder?
A. No, some very early cars had the 1968 master cylinder cap.

Q. Is the master cylinder itself the same as the 1967-68 master cylinder?
A. Yes, if you want to purchase the master cylinder by itself please contact us.

Q: Was the this nut painted black when Bendix painted the master cylinder and brake booster?
A: We do know the master cylinder was painted with the cap in place and that the brake booster was painted with the check valve in place but were they both joined. We do find some evidence that the two components were joined together from the supplier in the assembly manuals. It shows the master and booster as an "assembly" with a part number C9ZA-28195-H for both. If it's an assembly did Bindex paint each component separately and then join the two with the red nuts or was it painted as a complete assembly? I have found a survivor car that Bob Perkins has in his collection that shows remnants of black paint on the nut (see below). At this point in my research I would have to conclude the nut would have been painted by Bendix when they painted the complete assembly. If you have any evidence please forward it and I will update the website.

Install Tip:
Installing a power brake master cylinder is always a bit of pain. We suggest you loosen or remove the four booster stud nuts under the dash that mount it to the firewall and remove the one bolt to the right of the booster. This will allow you to turn it slightly towered the engine so you can slip in the master cylinder on without damaging the mounting studs, pushrod and avoid scratching up the shock tower.

We also offer the 1967-68 Master cylinder with the correct cap and decal

Brake Fluid:
The manufacture recommends using synthetic DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid. Silicone DOT 5 is not recommenced and will void warranty. Interesting post about DOT 5 fluid over swelling brake cylinder seals.

Your 6-month limited warranty period begins on the date of purchase. We will normally replace your master cylinder with a new one from our stock.

Part Number:
D2ZZ-2140-A (before 2-28-72)


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